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... The Stage

Jon has writen four musical theatre shows: Monte Cristo The Musical, (Hippodrome, Birmingham) Scary Musical, (Waterfront, Belfast) Naughty Pour Homme, (Park Theatre, London) and Like Me. Like Me showcased at Waterloo East Theatre April 2015

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... The Screen

Jon writes feature-length screenplays, contemporary TV drama, comedy and biopics. Jon was awarded a Masters Degree in Screenwriting in 2012. His first film Beyond The Bridge will premiere at the Tokyo Film Festival October-November 2016.

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About Jon Smith

Jon writes books, musical theatre and film/TV scripts. With 12 books published, four of which are international best-sellers, he also writes libretto and lyrics for musical theatre, feature-length screenplays and a variety of drama series and sitcoms for television.
In his spare time he likes coffee & biscuits and can be found swanning around Barcelona and Liverpool, usually with his laptop close at hand.

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