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Crime | Drama
Otranto - TV 12 x 60'

The body of a female staffer from the UK Embassy is found washed up on the Otranto shoreline. Rob LaFrancesca, a young headstrong British intelligence officer must work alongside Antonio Pelligrini, a bitter local detective very much set in his ways, to solve the case. Following in the tradition of Nordic dramas The Killing and The Bridge Otranto will offer audiences a hard-boiled noir drama set in a unique arena and the bright sunshine of the Italian coast, through a twelve-part TV series.

Action | Drama
Monkster - Feature

A unique twist on the hero's journey in which a Cambodian monk, formerly a badass gangster, is tasked with the return of stolen Angkorian artefacts from a remote pagoda to Oudong mountain. He's part monk, all gangster and determined to atone, in this life and the next: expect karmageddon!

Thriller | Historical | Noir
Before the Fall - Feature

1975, Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge have surrounded Phnom Penh. A taut noir thriller pits Luc, a jaded French photojournalist, against Sonny, an unscrupulous American club owner. Liya, the sensational star attraction of the club is the femme fatale who sucks both men into Phnom Penh's last gasp. But what is Liya prepared to do, to escape the yawning abyss of the looming Khmer Rouge holocaust and will any of them survive the fall?

History | Drama / Biography
Venus - Feature

A young black woman travels to London to make her fortune as a musician, but instead, due to her large and pronounced buttocks, becomes the unwitting star of one of the most infamous and popular freak shows in England and France.

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