Web Sites That Work

Web Sites That Work: Secrets from Winning Web Sites by Jon Smith

Infinite Ideas, October 2004 ISBN: 978-1904902188

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Web Sites That Work


"Web site design. Sounds a bit mysterious and scary doesn't it? As if only a few chosen individuals have been ordained into some techno brotherhood that speak and write in a different language, punctuated by Java scripts, dreamweavers, CSSs and HTML code.

You don't have to have a BSc in Nerdiness or know what Bill Gates had for breakfast to get to grips with web design. Why stick to the tired and out-of-date site you currently have? Ordinary non-techie folk just like you can have a web site that looks great, but more importantly, does exactly what you want it to do without having to learn a programming language. Let me show you how. In Web Sites that Work I reveal all my secrets to help you re-energise or create from scratch your dream site!"

Jon Smith


This book won't teach you how to build your own website. There are a million and a half technical manuals on the market that will do just that if you're so inclined. What Jon can teach you is how to identify what's wrong with your existing web site, how to go about getting it changed, how to make it look fabulous and at the same time keep it functioning.

In Web Sites that Work Jon remarkably reveals:

How to assess what you currently have - what works and what doesn't
How to get the most from search engines
Graphic devices that won't cause your visitors to lob their PC out of the window
Techniques to create a community
The best way to make the technology work for you
How to reflect your personality or business through the website
How to sell, inform and market
What copy works best for your market

The web evolves and changes virtually daily. Web Sites that Work can help you stay in touch; help you communicate your ideas to your visitors and IT people in plain language. Put simply, 52 brilliant ideas to re-energise your website!


With the 52 Brilliant Ideas series readers can enhance their existing skills with negligible investment of time or money and will substantially improve their performance over the course of a year. Each of the 52 chapters tackles a single aspect of the subject in an entertaining and lively way. At the end of each chapter is a "how did it go?" feature which allows readers to reflect on the lesson in a classic experimental learning pattern. The tone of each book is personal and informal; readers will feel as though they are having a one-to-one with their favourite coach.

Here Are 52 Ideas To Help You Develop A Website That Really Fits Your Needs. It's Jargon Free, But Full Of Tips and Techniques To Help You End Up With A Site That Delivers What You Want.