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Helping Google to both find and understand your website content

When you or I look at a website, very quickly we can process the information presented and understand what the website is about and whether it is relevant to your needs at that time. Google doesn't have this human ability, instead it has a software programme called the Googlebot which spiders or searches the web and processes the source code of the web pages it can find and, based on a complex algorithm, indexes the webpage accordingly.

Understand the Googlebot, understand how to be visible.

By using the source code of a webpage, Google is able to filter the page into the visible content seen by human users, and the code of the site which determines how it should be formatted and how it should work. Google then processes the language of the page to identify the subject of the page and categorise it accordingly. But there ends Google's understanding of your webpage – it can only work with what it is given.

Help Google help you

Google doesn't pretend to know all, nor does it think it can index the entire web correctly without the help of site owners. Google wants to understand your site and provides a selection of tools and information to explain what it needs. If you require your website to be highly-visible then it requires following Google's advice about how to help the Googlebot understand your content automatically, for instance by ensuring your site adheres to Web Standards which allows site owners to apply semantic mark-up to the content within a page.

As well as needing to understand the content of the page the Googlebot is visiting, it also needs to be able to find all of the pages of content available on your website – if Google cannot find a page because it can't find the URL, that page will never be indexed or ranked and therefore never be shown to Google users. Visibility is a deep and complex issue.

The introduction to Visibility above is just that, an overview. Visibility incorporates myriad factors, not just the textual content of a page. Our Visibility Audits will thoroughly explore your site and its construction with special attention paid to issues such as domain migration, re-directs, content duplication, URL rewriting, top-level domain strategy and robot commands.

There are some examples of specific Visibility issues below.

Contact to learn more about our Visibility Audits or training services. Alternatively, Get into bed with Google, provides additional information.

Visibility improvements:

Helping Google to understand your site starts when you understand the limitations of Google and the Googlebot – without the ability to truly understand language, its subtleties and nuances, plays on words and irony, Google needs some help from you in terms of identifying the most important content and vocabulary on your website. This can be done through the use of semantic mark-up – a technique which allows you to help Google identify the core message of your web pages. If you can identify to Google the key information on your page, Google can better determine whether it is relevant to searches carried out on its Search Engine.

More Visibility improvements:

If you want a page to be found by Google, provide a link so that the content can appear in Google Search Results. There exist many web pages which can only be accessed by a human visitor who must perform a search on a website's internal search tool – on submission of a keyword or phrase, the website will serve the search results to the user and the user proceeds. Google cannot and will not perform searches on your website! Google will only index pages it can find by following straightforward HTML hyperlinks it finds on your website – if there is no link, the page is invisible to Google and will not be found, indexed or ranked.

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