Toytopia by Jon Smith

Wrecking Ball Press, April 2004 ISBN: 978-1903110249

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It's ten days before Christmas and it should be a time of good will to all at Toytopia. Instead, there's civil war and a rival toy store intent on putting Toytopia out of business. It's up to Ridley, bus conductor on the 3a, to implement some wise words from the east and lead the toys to salvation. Review (taken from 5 out of 5 stars -s What a treat!, February 28, 2005 Reviewer: baggio76 from Kent A must for any parents with a child's brithday approaching. It's invigorating to see such a refreshing style on paper - in a time where little is left for children to discover and explore, I think this work will add that forgotten key ingredient that children should all have - a way to use and realize their imagination. Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality. ~ Jules de Gaultier ~ I highly recommend this book for any of you, who like me, are struggling to grab your childrens attention away from the television or computer screen. Marvellous Mr. J.Smith!! - any more to come?