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Be heard: creating brand awareness and engaging with customers

Marketing is changing dramatically and hierarchical models of influence are on the wane. Your users and customers are out there commenting on, blogging about, tweeting, recommending and bookmarking your brand.

Markets have become fluid conversations and in order to be heard, to be seen and to be regarded as 'connected', your company has to participate in these real-time conversations. Convert247 Social Media Solutions: consolidating your social media presence and helping you actively manage the reputation of your brand.

We provide your company with visibility in order to better reach your audience and hear what is being said, we create interest and buzz through each of the channels your customer base feels most comfortable. How do we manage social media campaigns? By fully understanding the importance and impact of each channel, and ensuring that your brand engages seamlessly with each:

Listen, Be Accessible, Learn

We will listen to conversations that involve your brand and industry. We can monitor multiple channels including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, vertical communities and forums, for pertinent feedback, comment and trends. We will use this information flow to provide you with reports regarding your company's influence and participation; making sure that your profile and responses are in line with your company goals and engage the customer.

With our Social Media Solutions your brand will be made accessible to your audience in order to establish a proper communication channel within the appropriate channels. The next step is identifying your target clients, learning about your audience – what other communities do they belong to? What are their common interests? We find out what excites them about your brand. Understand what they care about and what is on their minds. Your brand belongs to the user, and we will analyse feedback, both to suggest to you improvements and to maintain a happy, active and engaged community focused on your brand.

Participate, Engage, Relate

We will enter the conversation and generate value for your potential users and clients. Be relevant to them, and spread the conversation to other platforms and niche media. We will create and manage the content that will appeal to your target audience as well as generate buzz. To encourage users to participate we will make your company real and personal – a tangible brand.

We engage your fans (and detractors) in one-to-one conversations, we aim to create an experience, something that will leave a lasting impression and that turns potential users into fans and actual consumers. We can implement campaigns that resonate with your audience and spread via word-of-mouth – or more accurately, word-of-click.

We interact with your users to deepen the relationship between your brand and the humans who buy from you. They are already out there, they always have been… you just have to decide that it's time to reach out and we will communicate with them in a language they can understand...Sociable media

Acquire, Optimise, React

We will identify consumers who are passionate about your brand and involve them in your conversations. We will tap into the unique opportunity to expand your social media audience targeting their communities and networks.

We can optimize your social media results by understanding what works and what doesn't. The goal is identifying the best channels and strategies to spread your message.

Users and clients want to be heard and will truly appreciate knowing somebody is behind your company ready to respond to their queries, generating added value. We can provide you with an effective social media plan, based on our experience, and help you succeed at being seen, being heard and satisfying your customers.

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