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Reputation – Ensuring yours is a website Google can trust

When we begin our consultancy with clients we focus first on their Content and Visibility as these are without doubt the critical foundations to performing well in Natural Search. The third tenet is your site's Reputation – the internal and external links that flow to and from your website as it is the Reputation of your site that really gets you noticed by Google. Once you've gained that trust, high-performance on the Natural Search follows.

It is your Reputation that is the hardest aspect to manage because, by definition, you are not able to control the behaviour of other relevant, authority sites nor influence to whom they link to (except through improved Content and Visibility).

Winning Google's trust

Google trusts the links received from authority sites because, generally speaking, these links cannot be bought, bartered, begged for or exchanged. Google understands that these links have been granted because the Content on your web page is relevant and clear.

Therefore, when Google discovers a link from an independent authority site that has a strong online Reputation and that is contextually and 'contentually' related to your site, this is seen as a strong vote of confidence in the quality of your site. As a result, your own website is ranked higher on Search Results relating to the user's search term – quite simply, the more links or votes you have from authority sites, the higher you will rank.

Because of this we do not operate, offer advice or condone clients to engage in link-building strategies which involve trying to cheat Google as we see this technique as expensive, pointless and short-sighted.

We assist clients achieve a sustainable long-term strategy to improve their Natural Search performance by encouraging linking behaviour from relevant third-party sites through ethical tactics and strategies. Reputation building – not 'link building'

Building links is a natural by-product of building Reputation. Enhancing your Reputation as an SEO activity occurs when you focus on improving your Content and Visibility. Giving authority sites reasons to link to you is as valuable as the link itself. Put simply, the more time and effort you invest building your Reputation, the more the number of links will grow, these links will also grow in quality and relevance which lead to greater long-term benefits to the performance of your online business.

When working with clients to develop their online Reputation, we employ our Reputation Audits which cover a number of different areas and result in a unique and comprehensive set of Reputation recommendations. Our Audits include how our clients can improve on:

Your Internal Reputation

Getting your own house in order is an important aspect of improving your website Reputation – as enterprise websites grow, managing extensive numbers of pages and the Content of those pages becomes every more important. Google pays close attention to any linking patterns that can be found within the site so that it can better understand the relative importance and weight you place on the many pages of similar content it may find through the Googlebot.

As part of the Internal Reputation Audit, Convert247 will look closely at the site architecture behind the site and investigate the navigation, general construction, internal links and the use of anchor texts and the language used as links. This work must take place before looking to develop the external Reputation of your website.

Content is still King

Good Content attracts readers and links from quality authority sites quickly follow. We encourage our clients to become the authority Content providers within their industry or product vertical. Without fail, those websites which provide best-of-breed content that is comprehensive, helpful, easy-to-read and well displayed see their Reputation grow. We also encourage our clients to explore different ways to display and provide Content through rich media such as video and downloads etc.

Linkbait not Linkjuice

One tactic that is ethical and reinforces our fanaticism for good Content is the relatively new phenomenon of Linkbait.

By creating interesting and relevant Content that is clearly the best-of-breed or first to market makes is instantly attractive to readers and other webmasters. If your Content is relevant to another website's own customer base, it will be linked to.

We assist clients identify their areas of Content expertise and help make as many pages as possible potential Linkbait.

Social Media: unleashing word of mouth promotion

Social Media has an ever-more important role in your Natural Search performance. With the arrival of real time indexing of Social Media content, this channel is absolutely vital for your online Reputation. We advise clients on how to manage a full suite of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest and Twitter and the best techniques for managing shared bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon plus we show how to manage blogs and bloggers and how to attract, encourage and profit from user-generated content, user opinions, comments and preferences.

We look forward to working with you on your Search Engine Optimisation strategy

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