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Landing Pages – your one chance to make an impression

Implementing a great search engine optimisation strategy and Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign to generate your site's traffic is half the battle, but converting traffic into a measurable sale or lead is another. Landing pages are the one chance you have to convince your visitor to interact with you and perform an action – be it buying a product, completing an online form or downloading information. With an optimised landing page you will convert that user into a consumer.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are your virtual salesmen – they have to explain your business, your product or service, your pricing and tell the user what to do next… all this, on a single page. The design of your landing page will determine how successful that page is at capturing the traffic you've driven to it.

A poorly designed landing page will not engage the visitor and they will abandon the page and effectively, your business. If you generated the visitor via a PPC, CPM campaign or banner advert, you'll be charged for the click or the impression, but you won't reap the reward of a sale or a lead. Landing Pages must educate and encourage users to take the next step and they have to do it quickly.

Your landing page design must correlate with the original advert or creative and the text copy needs to be succinct and geared towards one single goal – converting the visitor.

Optimising Pay-Per-Click Landing Pages

Every click to your landing page costs you a small part of your marketing budget, so you to maximise its effectiveness and convert as many visitors as possible into customers. Your PPC landing pages must be built to close the deal and getting the page right involves rigorous testing.

Utilising Google's Website Optimiser tool, Convert247 experiments with different versions of your landing page much the same way you might test different versions of text copy in your PPC ad campaigns. We tweak and modify a number of different elements of your landing pages until we find the version that leads to the most conversions.

Your PPC landing pages should only be accessible through your pay-per-click campaign, to truly measure their effectiveness. If, for example, they can be accessed via search engine results pages, via an email marketing campaign or banner campaign, you won't have a clear indication of your PPC return on investment.

Optimising Social Media Landing Pages

Landing Pages designed to be deployed via Social Media have different design and copy requirements to be truly effective. Designing a page to go viral across online communities such as Facebook or Reddit require a focus on 'usefulness'. You have more room for manoeuvre in terms of text length, and assuming the content is well written and relevant, it can even contain content-rich media such as a video. If the content is interesting, visitors will bookmark your landing page, both to refer to themselves and to share to their community.

When creating a social media landing page, your goal is not a sale, or lead generation (at least not directly), instead you are exploiting the fact that users appreciate good content and information – in turn they bookmark or share that information with others and each time they do, your brand, your message and links to your site all help drive even more traffic to you instead of your competitors.

Contrary to the rules of creating an effective PPC landing page, a strong social media landing page links to your main site, encourages users to click to discover more and delights in being indexed by the search engines – in fact, the more the landing page is noticed by users and bots,, the more traffic it generates.

Convert247 creates, refines and delivers optimised landing pages for both PPC campaigns and social media deployment. We can work with your existing creative or create a converting landing page from scratch.

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